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.About Aaron Aardvark

Aaron first became interested in hypnosis during the 1980's when he studied Clinically Hypnotherapy and friends asked if he could perform as a Stage Hypnotist.
Aaron then developed a comedy hypnosis show and there started a career lasting more than 25 years. Aaron is well known for the fast pace of his show keeping his audience enthralled from the moment he steps on stage to the rapturous applause as his show concludes.
Aaron has studied extensively and continues to develop his knowledge and has trained in the USA with Richard Bandler where he studied Neuro Linguistic Programming to NLP Master Practitioner level, NLP Business Coaching, Neuro Hypnotic Repaterning, Persuasion Engineering and Shamanics and continues to develop with future US training planned for 2016.

Aaron currently runs a NLP and Hypnotherapy practice in his home town of Chester and the surrounding areas.
Aaron offers Hypnotherapy for:

Stop Smoking
Weight Control
Fears & Phobias
Personal Problems
Nail Biting
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